THE MUG is the product of the Fabrica Design Studio and, more particularly, of the imagination and creativity of the Portuguese graphic designer Catarina Carreiras. Drawing inspiration from the Benetton values, vision and its avant-guard graphic heritage, Catarina played with different patterns, symbols and colors giving a simple but strong visual impact to an iconic object which accompanies us all day, from the morning caffeine hit to the bedtime tisane, without forgetting the classic British “cuppa” tea, where the mug has its origins.
As Catarina affirms, “this home collection started to me as a curious assignment, but it rapidly became my humble homage to the immense legacy of Benetton, a hard exercise of simplicity and strength. It’s about mixing and matching many colours with uncomplicated graphic elements, to tell how people are so similar but still with different tastes and rituals”.
THE MUG by Fabrica comes with a collectable packaging and is available in six different versions.  
THE MUG is designed by Catarina Carreiras
Pictures by Marco Zanin / Fabrica